The Bangor S-Class Archive

The records suggest that the Shipyard Company in Bangor, Northern Ireland built 22 S-Class boats between 1946 and 1964. They were built on commission, not on spec, so the years of build are erratic. No boats were launched in 1954, or between 1956 and 1959. Their ownership can be traced through the British Registry of Shipping and Lloyds Register of Yachts - as long as owners did register changes of ownership, which they may not have always done. Boats that have left the United Kingdom, moving to the Republic of Ireland or the Americas, are no longer recorded in the registries so ownership is harder to trace.

The boats are listed here in launch sequence, with sail number, rig, last known home port and last known owners listed in that order. Inevitably after more than five decades of changes of ownership and renewal of sails, in several cases the sail numbers borne by individual boats no longer correspond to the actual build numbers. An advertisement published by the Shipyard Company in 1963 describes the S-Class boats and adds that there were ‘19 built to date and three more on the stocks to be completed this season’. That gives a total of 22 boats, a number that seems to be confirmed by the fact that the most recent boat known has the sail number S22 - unless of course one or more of those ‘three on the stocks’ were never finished. But as we now have names for all 22 boats, it seems as if 22 is the right number for the fleet. There are now only two boats unaccounted for: Southward, and Silhouette which is known only through a single yacht club regatta entry. There is more to discover ...

1 Stealaway (1947)    S1    Cutter     West Mersea      Martin & Ann Pearsons

2 Saunterer (1947)  S2 (K84T/1196C)   Sloop    Lymington   Nick & Sophie Bubb

3 Southward (1947) S3 (135C)   Sloop       Port & owner unknown  

4 Sandera (1949)  S4   Sloop     Faversham      Ray Taylor

5 Seaquester (1949)   S5   Sloop    Balbriggan (Ireland)     Michael Cochan

6 Scarlet Pimpernel (1952)    ??   Sloop     Burks Falls (Canada)    Kevin Norrie

7 Saturnia (1950)  S11     Sloop      Porthdinllaen     Alan Metcalf

8 Silhouette (1951)  S8       Port & owner unknown


9 Spelga (1951)    S7    Sloop     Troon Yacht Haven     Walter McFarlane

10 Sarcelle (1955)    ??   Sloop    Mullaghmore (Ireland)   Elliott Kearns

11 Suantrai (1950)     S10 (1068C)     Sloop     Sandwick      Iain Skinner

12 Sonas (1951)  S9     Sloop     Maine (US)     Dr Alan J Bing & Joan Beskenis

13 Seatang (1960)   23C    Sloop      Whiterock Bay, Strangford Lough    Ben Gobin 

14 Scallywag (1961)    IRL14    Cutter (Sloop)    Kenmare (Ireland)   Fergal Hayes

15 Seonaid formerly Seaquin (1962)    532C     Sloop (Cutter)      Kyleakin       Evander Macrae

16 Segala (1962)   Sloop     Abandoned at Fahan, Lough Swilly, County Donegal, Ireland

17 Salterello (1962)   ??   Sloop       Galway Bay (Ireland)     Seamus Sarsfield

18 Shemdra (1962)    S18    Cutter    Quoile, Strangford Lough      Jack Carrol

19 Salna (1962)    S19     Sloop     Southwold     Robert Hinton

20 Sorona (1963)   S20  Sloop  Drogheda (Ireland)  Geoffrey Wild & Kevin Coogan

21 Shejenka (1963/4) ??   Whiterock Bay, Strangford Lough

22 Quinsibar (1964)   S22    Sloop   Abandoned near Strangford Lough  

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