The Bangor S-Class Archive

22 classic 27-foot wooden yachts built 1946-1964

The 2014 Season


Welcome to the 2014 update of the S-Class Archive where you will find the latest information on one of the most exclusive wooden yacht classes in the world. Missing boats have been located, a previously unknown boat Salterello has been found, and a large amount of new information on the rest of the fleet is also now in hand (see the news page for more). As the Archive continues to grow, once more we thank Betty Armstrong of Yachting Life for many leads and contacts, as well as Gordon Finlay indefatigable archivist of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club, and William Nixon (not least for his new history of the S-Class). We also thank Frank Smyth, last owner of the Shipyard Company, and the Archive’s Chief Information Officer Martin Pearsons who has driven and coordinated all the detective work behind the 2014 update. Special thanks are also due to Ronnie Slater, son of designer Robert Slater, for wholehearted encouragement and advice over ten years.