The Bangor S-Class Archive

Quinsibar was discovered in 2012, abandoned a few miles west of Whiterock Boatyard in Northern Ireland.  Will she ever sail again? Given her condition it seems unlikely - although miracles have been known to happen in the world of classic boats. 


The discovery of Quinsibar leaves only two boats yet to be traced: the 1948 boat Southward, and Silhouette from 1951. Quinsibar was the last boat of all, built in 1964 and pictured below in happier times. The picture comes from Marcus Patton, son of the first owner of Quinsibar. Marcus was the one who named this boat, by deciding as a youngster that the name for an ampersand was ‘Quinsibar’, thus breaking designer Robert Slater’s injunction that all S-Class boats should begin with an ‘S’.