The Bangor S-Class Archive

Launch day August 1947, originally named Southwind

Where is Southward? She was launched in 1947, and her original owner Norman Reid (whose family provided these pictures) wanted to call her Southwind, but Lloyds Register of Shipping disallowed that name. She was on Lake Ullswater in the 1960s, and there is a photograph of her earlier still in the logs of the Clyde Cruising Club. If you know where she is now, please get in touch.


On Lake Ullswater

Southward was launched in August 1947, but the first owner Norman Reid did not receive Robert Slater’s invoice for the purchase until October of that year. The invoice reproduced below shows that Mr Reid paid for the boat in £600 cash, while the £56-8-6d balance for ‘extras’ was paid by cheque. While £600 does not sound a lot, in 1947 it was a small fortune. The average UK salary in 1950 was just over £100 - so if today you paid the same multiple of average salary (which is now over £26,000) then an S-Class boat (without engine or sails) would cost you over £150,000.