The Bangor S-Class Archive

Seatang from the 1967 CCC Journal

In the 1960s the Clyde Cruising Club published logs of notable cruises enjoyed - or in some cases not enjoyed - by its members. Since several S-Class boats spent time on the Clyde, it is no surprise to find our boats turning up in the CCC Journal. Some boats feature in photographs alone, but a couple more were the subject of full passage logs. In 1967 Saunterer made a passage from Inverness to Norway, part of it in a force 8 plus storm, with ‘incredibly steep and frightening’ high waves. More below:

Clyde Cruising Club Logs

Stealaway also figures in the Cruising Club Journal, with the following 1965 account of a typical East Coast cruise from Essex to the West Country - typical in that the boat never got to the West Country. Planning a westerly voyage with the charts on the East Anglian kitchen table is one thing. Making progress is quite another ...

There are also two CCC logs of Scottish cruises in Seaquin, since renamed Seonaid.

There are also tantalising photographs in the CCC Journal too - like the one below of ‘Southward in the Kyles of Bute’ from 1968, as well as the photograph of Seatang at the top of this page. There is no further information on these two boats in the Journal, and Southward is one of the few boats unaccounted for today. If you have any more information, please get in touch.